Why choose Admoni?

A simple, proven way to advertise and earn.

Mobile Coins

Admoni Coin gives you value for the calls you make. Its easy for mobile users to earn as long as they interact with advertisements and business promotions.


No more Mulitple Platforms. A Singularized currency System that benefits the Mobile Users, Firms and Businesses.

Flexible Lifestyle

Call. Redeem. Earn. Earn on your calls and interaction with Business Ads and incorporate Admoni Coins to your Lifestyle needs.

Manage your Online Brand

Admoni helps you to manage your business brand remotely!

Silent adverts that users get to interact with at their leisure. Make flexible payments to showcase your ads to Millions of Users with a visible Return in investment..

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Everything on mobile

Use your Android or iOS device to manage everything.

Manage your ROI, Admoni Coins and Analytics with ease; right on your fingertips.


Measure the Productivity of your business adverts. You get to see realtime how users interact with your adverts and how important or useful your product or service is to them.

The possibility of managing your advert assets based on your chosen subscription with us. As a premium subscriber you will get to experience analytics in a great way.

We are so big on knowing your market because we understand this can help form good or bad business or investment .

As a Business, Firm or Enterprise we offer you a flexible subscription module with the mission to promote your brand to your audience; you choose your audience, we deliver to them.

Great Customer satisfaction stems from support and being there to take care of client's issues. We offer 24/7 customer live support to make sure you are up and running in no time.

Preview your advertisements before they go live. We have various advert placement on our mobile platform for Android and iOS. We give you the option of choosing your reach and choosing the medium.


Admoni Coins makes your life easy

Make your life easy, get a better way to promote your Brand.

Our Platform,
is Productive

User earns Admoni Coins with ease | Businesses promote their brand.

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Utilize Admoni Coins,
in your LifeStyle

We are developing Admoni to be one of the top 10 global virtual currency.

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More than a system

The proper guide that helps you to unlock real business potential.

Subscirbe to a Package

We have 3 great packages just for you; Basic, Premium and Enterprise. Promote your brand and get realtime feedbacks from users all over the world.

Live call support

We over 24/7 live call support and have a team of support staffs to that will meet your requests.

Easy setup process

We provide a plug and play setup process to seamlessly integrate with our solution realtime.